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This is where I'll list items for sale. I'll list items on the MG Enthusiasts Classifieds as well. Until then, email me if there's something you need!

2003 Items for sale

HS4 carbs, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, linkage, air cleaners, etc. -- SOLD

Heater control (temperature and airflow) from a 1972(?) MGB. No knobs, no knob retainer springs. They're clean and work smoothly. -- SOLD


* NEW! *1972 MGB rustbucket parts car. I got this one as part of a package deal. Now, it either needs to go or it has a date with Mr. Hotwrench. Can you say "scrap," boys and girls? Make offer for the car or significant pieces thereof! (Snakes and mice included at no extra charge!)

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